I do not know how 2017 is going to look. But this is an early post on what I wish to achieve throughout. I have been coming up with a set of goals, and am praying that I can find the willpower to stick to them. The list might grow or shrink but for now, I have a pretty solid idea as to how I would like things to go. And though I know that my plan is not God’s, and His plan is not mine, things might not happen as I would like, so I will try to keep in mind throughout that this plan is subject to change at any moment.  So here are some of the things that I wish to achieve in this upcoming year:

  1. I wish to be more patient. When I do not understand someone’s logic or when I sense that someone has done me wrong, I tend to anger very fast. I want to focus on trying to see everything through another’s lens. I do this already but would like to have an open mind on this in particular when it comes to giving advice or just trying to help a fellow friend in need.
  2. I wish to be more financially responsible. As one of my blogs mentioned, I love to spend money on all things “new”, which contributes to part of my anxiety because I do not feel financially stable. Everyone’s dream is to be financially stable, and I have kind of the same vision but not on a big scale. I just wish to have enough saved back so that if something out of the blue happens- whether that is with my car, an emergency doctor’s visit, that I am not left panicking . Having a back-up plan is always nice.
  3. I wish to spend more time doing what I love. My photography is my baby. I love to come up with new concepts and have them acted out through photos. If I had it my way, I would be doing photography full time, which is what I actually plan to do within the next few years. This is a passion that is just now starting to develop into the beautiful way of expression that I wanted it to be all along. It is a perfect year to start to really concentrate on making it all that it can be; making it my own in the journey.

So cheers. To a successful start to the year, and here’s to the year being the most productive one yet.

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