The Whole 30-College Edition


So you might be thinking “So what has Bree been up to?”, or something of the sort (or not because you know, it’s just me and you do have a life teehee). Well I can tell ya. I have been working on my photography business, and am in school full time as well as a full time employee at 2 different jobs, bible study leader and running maniac. Sums it up. To add more to the plate (literally this time hahaha) recently, my roommate and I decided to take on the Whole 30 program, for the health benefits as well as the motivation to actually go through with it, because it is definitely not easy. Adding to the fact that we are college/grad students who have the most busiest schedules known to man, it makes it that much more challenging. I also chose to do this because I would love to have information to pass on to others who are going on their own fitness journey and need a little help on the way. As many of you know, I am a big fitness and health food junkie who is always trying to expand her knowledge on these topics. Throughout the course of the month, I plan to give an update blog as to what has been working, what hasn’t, and the overall process of how to get started and continue the program when you feel like quitting. This will also serve as partial self- accountability on my part since I would love to end the program with a BANG! So here goes.

For those of you who don’t know what the Whole-30 is exactly, I’ll give a quick rundown. Basically, you are limited to the three main types of foods; meat, fruits, and vegetables, with certain oils and nuts on the side as needed.These things need to be in their purest form; no extra sugar added (salt is allowed), nothing processed, and no dairy. You then eat these things for a solid 30 days and should you slip up, you start over. Now, mind you, at first, I thought that this was impossible but with a little bit of patience, trial and error and pinterest (yes, pinterest), things are starting to look on the bright side. Some initial lessons I learned goes as followed:

  • Plan plan plan  in advance. This is CRUCIAL. I am out and about all day, every day at two different jobs until 5:30 pm, and so i is not easy to turn back around, go home and make food because I didn’t set aside time for it. So make sure should you decide to do this program that you make the time to prepare meals, because you can’t go to a fast food chain and just pick something up. That my friend, is called cheating and is no excuse. I set aside my afternoon 2-3 times a weeks to prepare at least 2-3 days worth of food.
  • OVER PACK your lunch. I’m serious. Veggies and fruits go straight through me. No, really, I’m hungry shortly after I consume these things which is why it’s important that you carry several types of fruit/snacks on you at all times, as well as a meat or protein that is allowed. And luckily, you are allowed to eat the good meats of course, such as chicken, steak, fish, etc (even BACON  without sugar, but in moderation). Originally I did a “mock trial” of the whole 30, just to get me started on tips and tricks to go by once we actually started the program. I QUICKLY discovered that the food I was bringing with me to get through my day was not enough, so for those of you who have busy schedules, keep this in ind. It is better to OVER PACK than to UNDER PACK.
  • Pinterest is your friend. I am a very visual person, and go straight to pinterest when I am stuck on how to make food interesting. I don’t have to follow recipes word for word, but having variety at my fingertips makes it an easier and faster process to get what I need. For instance, looking at pinterest for whole- 30 ideas resulted in me baking a breakfast casserole which was quite yummy! I have also made tuna and chicken salad in nice sized quantities, and have found a few whole 30 approved sweets (such as lara bars) to keep my sweet tooth in check.

That’s all for now! So far this is day 5 of the whole 30 and Jaimie and I are both hanging in there. Stay with us as we try and get through this thing!

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