Photography and Change

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to sit down and blog! I have so much to talk about! A few of you might have noticed that I have stepped back when it comes to my social life. I promise, it’s not you, it’s me- wait. Is this a break-up? Anyways, I have been discovering SO much in terms of my photography, and new ideas surface day-by-day. Recently, reality actually hit me that if I play my cards right (which I have full intention of doing), then I will craft what I love to do into almost full income within the next couple of years… and this excites me. It excites me because I’m taking a leap of faith and taking a plunge into an area that I never thought would be so huge in my life. Photography keeps me grounded. It’s something that I love all aspects of: From the planning, to the trials and errors of poses, the post-editing… It relaxes me. Gets me out of whatever storm I’m currently in and redirects me towards a more peaceful shore. It makes me joyous to have a session coming up and to know that the rest of that day will consist of coffee, Spotify, and my computer screen with the raw images flashing, ready to be edited, critiqued and perfected (to the best of my current ability, I have such a long way to go!).


I want to say a big “Thank-You” to those who have believed in me from the first day I bought my first camera. For those who gave me tips, but especially the words of encouragement that I needed to keep at it. I was given the confidence that I needed to keep exploring and accomplished SO much in the first year alone. You guys have humbled me and have made me appreciate you all the more.

It is only March, and so far, I have officially been booked for 3 weddings, which has given me overwhelming joy. To some who are more advanced in their careers, they might think that’s nothing, but for me, if I finish the year only having done 3 weddings, I can STILL say that it is more than the year before, which is an accomplishment all by itself!

Due to photography, as well as other life altering (and partly brutal) circumstances that have occurred over the past few years, and especially during the last few months, I have had to rediscover myself. It was inevitable, I had avoided certain truths for a very long time and ultimately, I had to make personal decisions for myself that stung at first, but was found to be well-needed and extremely beneficial for me. Through pain and tears, thought, and then second guessing conclusions, as well as the triumphs, I am redefining who I am and truly digging into what I wish to see from myself and this world. I have many goals that were not once there before, and my personality has almost taken a full 360 to get to the point that I have gotten to now in this journey, which I cannot regret in the least. I am very much aware as of recently that many had picked up on this personality change before I did, because for a while, I didn’t see the change in myself that everyone else did. Many also did not know what to think of it, whether it was temporary, permanent, good or bad. When I first realized it, I didn’t know what to think either, so you’re not alone. I will tell you that IF you were/are one of the ones concerned, do not worry. I am fine, I will be fine and am steadily trying to work towards balance and overall life-stability. Of course, I lean on God during my troubled times, but I also have a very small , very amazing network of people who I trust to pick me up when I fall, and to help me unravel and understand some of what I might not see by myself. I am forever grateful for them and always have been.

So there you have it, an update from yours truly. I hope to blog a lot more over the upcoming months so stay tuned, as I figure out what God has in store for me in the months and years to come. I love you all(:

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