Be the Isolated llama: Social Media Elimination

One of my best friends calls me “llama” for anyone who hasn’t picked up that this is one of my many nicknames. And that picture does relate.. kind of… (I MADE it tie in because I really do admire llamas teehee) Anyways, I am attempting to lay a foundation for all of my other posts by giving some background information, so this post will be doing just that. More specifically, let’s talk about social media usage. Clearly, we have all jumped on the “have-you-seen-it-on Instagram, Snapchat or Facebook bandwagon” because what the majority of millennials really focus on now-a-days is keeping up with each other through these platforms, as well as some lesser known, sketchier methods of “communication” (if we can even call it that…). And though I love using these platforms just like the other 25 billion people (an over-dramatic guesstimation, I know), a few months ago, I reached my cap with a bit of it for several personal reasons. Snapchat and Instagram (besides for photography) are no longer being utilized and I am going to share with you why:


To sum it all up, it was a way for me to “show my best side.” You know you do it too, don’t play; doing or saying something over and over on camera, scripted perfectly, at the most convenient angle so that people could see how funny and entertaining your life is, how “cute” you are, and overall changing your personality to match that of which you think other people want to see from you. Now trust me, I never went ALL out, but of course, the random, spur-of-the-moment pictures I had planned to post quickly turned into “are people going to think my head looks funny if my body is facing this way?”, or “should I apply make-up before snapchatting me and my 100th cup of Starbucks?” This sounds terrible (because really, it is). The most common themes I see on Snapchat and Instagram are:

  • Coffee
  • Food
  • Pets
  • Gym
  • Selfies
  • Selfies with makeup
  • Selfies in nature
  • Selfies with “no filter”… get it?

With Twitter and Instagram, the same thing applies. Twitter becomes useless: No, I’m sorry, but I do NOT want to see the updates on your toilet life, the weather, the latest show you’re binge-watching or your food endeavors. It becomes excessive, and instead of being useful, we are confined to updating people on the most minute and unimportant details of our lives…

So why am I contributing to this? There is no good answer here. Its’s a waste of time and contributes to boosting our own self-esteem… temporarily. Are you finding your satisfaction in the brief moment of “looking flawless” or being without flaws spiritually because of the Savior who redeemed you, making you clean and perfect in His eyes? (Disclaimer- I AM TALKING TO MYSELF ALSO, DO NOT THINK THAT I BY ANY MEANS AM IMPLYING THAT I AM PERFECT, THIS IS TO JUST GET US THINKING AND ALERT HERE.) If we want to talk about how much time we DON’T have, then constantly staying on and adding to your Snapchat story must be considered.

None of this was meant to come across as harsh, but I do think that some of our problem is that we are sugar-coating reality. It is okay to use social media, but at least every once in a while, do something meaningful with it. I am preaching to myself here, the struggle is real and I know that. But, the amount of productivity I have had by eliminating Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram (besides my photography account) has been SO beneficial. I wish to do the same thing with Facebook, but for now, I’m trying to take it one goal at a time. That’s all for now!

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