Oils are NOT just a fad. They work.

Okay, so yes. Yes, I have hit the “essential oil” craze. Yes, I was suppperrr uber sketched out about them originally. I mean, if they work so well for so many ailments, then why are we just now hearing about them? Why do I hear so much talk about Doterra and Young Living in particular? Sounds like a scheme to me. Well, I’m a newbie at all of this oils jazz, but let me tell you; I’M HOOKED. I have waited to post any type of blog about it because I didn’t want to stay in the hype without determining whether it actually deserved my time. And truth be told, it does. Oh yes, it does. Oils are a FANTASTIC way to avoid all of the chemical filled; intestinal-tract-damaging medicines that we put into our bodies, sometimes on a weekly basis. I’m going to briefly go over what I have discovered in a matter of weeks, and JUST how much essential oils should be a part of your regimen. Now of course, the select few things that I am going to talk about today only covers a  tiny spec (like maybe .01 percent) of what each of these oils can actually do, because I am still buying oils I have never tried, and have yet to do with them all that I plan to in the near future. Nonetheless, here is my experience with just three of them.


Peppermint oil. Headaches are a part of life. Sometimes, they are unavoidable and leave you feeling icky for hours, especially with no aspirin on hand. However, I was told that peppermint actually helps eliminate your headache so that you can live life as usual without the whole day being put on pause. Sure enough, a friend of mine (who actually is the one responsible for my oil madness) gave me a drop of peppermint oil (which should have probably been diluted; oh well), and told me to rub it on each temple. After maybe 5 minutes, the headache ceased. Mind you, this is faster than aspirin by a good 25 minutes. I was shocked. Not to mention, at another point in time, I was experiencing heartburn over at her house which causes me to feel nauseous. I took a drop or two in water and the symptoms calmed down tremendously!


Cedarwood and Lavender. Cedar wood is one of my favorite oils so far because it has a woody tone and is amazing to just wear as-is. The smell alone is worth the buy for me, and this oil is very affordable. Though lavender is slightly costlier, it has so many versatile benefits such as aiding with sleep, reducing inflammation, and so on. This year and last, stress has caused me to break out in the ever persistent eczema, which causes my arms to become red and inflamed from the itchiness that causes me to scratch all day long. I was recently told to take a drop of cedar wood and a drop of lavender and apply it to areas that needed it. I did and I can now count the number of times that I have scratched in the past 48 hours! Considering I was scratching at least 20 times a day before, it has now gone down to about 2-3 if even. And also, who doesn’t want to smell like a woody forest all day? Cedar wood also promotes relaxation and calmness so you can see why this oil is heavily used.


Also, I have NOT been endorsed to promote Doterra, I am just expressing my new found love for oils, and have been slowly discovering so much of what they have to offer. I will continue to write more blogs specifically as they pertain to me, and as I use oils for more specific things but remember that if you truly are skeptical of oils like I was, just read up and THEN try them for yourself! You will see that a lot of these oils have scientific research and evidence behind them, as well as thousands of testimonials from many pleased oil users. It is not just a fad, its real, and the benefits are astounding.

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