Over the past month, I have experienced one of the worst types of pain: migraines. Migraines I have learned, can strip you of your happiness, your routine, your self- confidence, anything that requires going out in public. YOU CAN’T DO ANYTHING WITHOUT WANTING TO SIT OR CRY. For those of you who suffer with this chronically, or even have short episodes with medication needed to control them… I commend you. Now, I know that I am not immune to any sort of diseases or illness, but all of my life, I have been a very healthy person. I don’t often get sick (knock on wood), and it is very unlikely for me to be sick for more than a few days at a time. However, I randomly started getting these migraines on the left side of my face… and here’s what happened following my little… issue…

I went to the doctor. On the first visit, I was told that we could have a sleep problem on my hands, since all of my migraines occur in the morning. He prescribed me a sleeping medicine, which I took for 3 days, and absolutely nothing was resolved.

I went to the chiropractor. I had never been and heard that they could work wonders for migraines. Sadly, I still got the migraines, but it had still been a nice experience.

I went to the doctor for the second time. He decided to see if I had a sinus infection that I was not aware of, since I told him that I occasionally woke up stuffy. I took amoxicillin for exactly 7 days. I had 4 headaches throughout- so that was a no-go. It was at this point that he mentioned a visit to the neurologist should my symptoms not get better, and even mentioned a brain aneurism… Alright. Breathe. Breathe. Ain’t no way….

This is when I started to actually believe that I could have a brain tumor.

I switched my glasses to my original pair prescribed at the eye doctor. I was told by a co-worker that sometimes the prescription is not correct and your eyes strain to make up for the lack in support. I immediately switched out my Zenni’s and hoped for the best. The next morning: Raging migraine.

By the third doctor’s appointment, I had started to go crazy. Everything made me emotional. I couldn’t go to the gym, and every food, drink, medicine, etc., was a suspicion. On this go round, they thought that I had cluster headaches- which I must add, is prominently experienced by males in their 30’s and 40’s who smoke and drink. They are 5 times more likely to have it than women, and some of my symptoms just did not fit this diagnosis, after doing thorough research (I research EVERYTHING). However, I was given a migraine medication which was successful in killing the migraine within a gruesome hour and a half. I was very grateful that something could help me get through them until I figured out what was really going on (I take nothing at face value. I wasn’t taking their diagnosis seriously until I had exhausted ALL of my options). This is when I thought I was on to something. So I continued researching.

I thought I was allergic to the three animals residing in my house. So I proceeded to kick my cat out of my room for a few nights to see if I felt any different (poor baby! Morgs got a lot of cuddles from Rosie). However, due to the amount that I like to kiss my cat, this theory could not be tested for long, and I decided to use that test as a last resort. I need cuddles.

I thought I was allergic to the little bit of mold in the bathroom. Don’t freak out (even though I sureee did!)… Let’s just pause for a moment. Remember that due to the abrupt symptoms of feeling unwell, I started having to consider every single thing, good and bad that my body could have all of a sudden treated like an enemy. From the lotion I put on, to the time of day that I drank orange juice, I took everything into consideration. We scrubbed the mold away and my roommate sealed it. Migraine.

I then decided to go gluten-free and start yoga within the same 24 hours of the mold episode. (We’re getting to what happened, I promise.) I thought that maybe there was a muscle tension in my neck or forehead that needed to be released, and so I hastily came home from work, grabbed some relaxing essential oils, and started to do yoga exercises in order to eliminate all possibilities.

After yoga, I went into my room and just sat there thinking to myself “absolutely nothing has changed in the last 30 days. And since I’m not profusely vomiting which is a characteristic of a brain tumor, this can’t be it…”

Something however, HAD changed. I turned around to one of the little gadgets that I had bought off of amazon a few weeks ago. Can anyone guess what this was?

A 2 Liter Humidifier.

I looked up the date that I started to use the humidifier in my room, and it was dated January 11th. Well. MY MIGRAINES STARTED ON THE MORNING OF JANUARY 12TH. So I started to become suspicious. SURELY, this couldn’t be it… Until it was.The sinking feeling in my stomach led me to believe that I had done something terribly, terribly wrong. So I started to research humidity and migraines.

Background: I have never used a humidifier before. I bought it to get rid of dry throat in the mornings because I’m all about bettering your body as a whole. So every night, before I went to bed, I would fill this 2 Liter humidifier, cut it on the highest setting, and started snoozing. And then the next morning, the humidifier would be empty, I would step out of my room, and BAM. Migraine.

In short, the research implied:

The humidity in my little room was irregular and my body could not take the moisture levels changing every two seconds. After sleeping in mountain-like atmosphere every night, my body was NOT ready to walk into dry air the following morning. The vessels constrict and then… you guessed it. Migraine.

Big humidifiers cover more square feet than a regular mini humidifier. I used it in a confined space.

I haven’t cut the flipping flapping thing on in 2 days, and guess what…

No migraine.

So there you have it. I did this to myself, and it was only by waiting on my roommate to finish showering that I figured this out(I was angry because I was 5 minutes away from getting a shower, and her timing is always impeccably savage…luv u if yore reading dis, Morgan!.)

I can say that when you are as DESPERATE and DETERMINED as I was to figure this out, you will FIND answers.

People, feel free to question doctors because it is YOUR health. Never feel like you can’t ask questions and do your own research. Thank you SO MUCH for those who have called to check on me, have sent well wishes my way, and have prayed for me. Now I’m just waiting on my body to fully recover. BUT I HAVE MY LIFE BACK! And that my friends, is a wonderful feeling.

This was truly a “Llama’s Drama” event…

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