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Aria Starr Beauty Mask Review!

Hi guys! So I have tried out another mask, and this one is called Aria Starr Beauty Dead Sea Mud Mask. Now, as previously noted, I have skin that has constant oil and what-not, which is especially bothersome when I experience break-outs. This one was particularity noted for its oil-reducing qualities, and was one of… Continue reading Aria Starr Beauty Mask Review!


Be the Isolated llama: Social Media Elimination

One of my best friends calls me "llama" for anyone who hasn't picked up that this is one of my many nicknames. And that picture does relate.. kind of... (I MADE it tie in because I really do admire llamas teehee) Anyways, I am attempting to lay a foundation for all of my other posts by… Continue reading Be the Isolated llama: Social Media Elimination