Why “Continuation”?

I decided to change the overall title of my site. I needed something that reflected my life as a whole, as well as something that can stand as motivation for me to keep going. To continue something means to not give up. By definition, continuation is “the action of carrying something on over a period of time or the process of being carried on.”. Notice that this is a long term adjustment, and not something that can easily disappear or just.. stop. Stagnancy is the enemy- Satan is the enemy. I deeply wish to continue all of the progress I have made for striving to be more like God. I want to carry out his principles to the fullest capability, meaning that all of my endeavors must not stop- they must keep going, as well as my determination and gradual build-up of knowledge and wisdom so that I can be a light in this terribly dark world. Continuation for me means that I am hard at work trying to progress to the next chapter in my life, and then to the next. Of course, there will be a LOT of rough patches, but recognizing them and learning from them… and then moving on is key. So I do hope that whoever is reading this can grasp the message that I am trying to convey, and can relate to the battle to resist stagnancy in their own lives. Thank you for reading!