Why “Simply Creative”?

Originally, this site was meant to be more of a “diary entry” type ordeal. However, it came to my realization that there are just certain aspects of the more serious parts of my life that I would rather not blog about, just because I feel as though this should not be the center of my posts. I chose to instead turn this site into something that truly invites joy into the atmosphere. I love trying new things. As you will constantly hear me talk about, there is a kind of fun that occurs when discovering new tastes, looks, smells and so forth that just gives my day the extra kick it needs to encourage me to keep going. I love waking up knowing that no matter how my day is going to go, that I have plenty of insight on everyday things- from health care and beauty, to fitness and so on that I can share with the world.

So get ready to go on an adventure with me as I try a little bit of everything and find helpful tips and tricks that others can use- keeping it “PG” of course. I wish to share my excitement of the quirks; the things that I find on Amazon or Buzzfeed (I am a huge Buzzfeed fan, and they frequently have products that others have reviewed, so lately, I have taken it upon myself to try them as well!), the things that don’t work, the things that make life easier- everything! Good and bad.



PC: Photo by Karly Santiago